What is Young Voices of Austin?

The mission of Young Voices of Austin is to foster musical excellence, leadership, and sustained academic achievement. Our choristers become global citizens who use the power of music as the path to create bridges throughout our city and into the world. Honorable. Accomplished. And Kind.

We provide high-quality music education to a racially and socioeconomically diverse population of children ages 6 to 18. Musical instruction includes rigorous sight-singing and ear-training, general musical literacy, vocal technique, and stage presence and movement. Choristers learn to analyze scores from many styles and traditions, and to sing texts in many different languages from around the world. YVA’s curriculum is consistent with national standards, at tiered levels designed to reinforce lessons and increase challenge and achievement as choristers progress. The choral literacy and performance curriculum of YVA is led by highly skilled and trained conductors. The mission of YVA is enhanced by a commitment to academic achievement, including assistance with identifying and applying to colleges, tutoring, guidance on auditions and essay-writing, and SAT/ACT preparation. Young Voices of Austin is committed not only to creating stronger musicians but stronger people, empowering the voices of Austin’s youngest citizens so that they may become its future leaders.

Why they are Awesome

  • 75% percentage of choristers on full or partial scholarship

  • 100% percentage of Austin area applicants accepted into our program

  • 100% of graduates go on to higher education

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