What is VHC Medical Brigade ?

The humanitarian efforts of the VHC Medical Brigade address immediate needs with a focus on sustainable change to improve the health of the underserved. Our mission is to enhance the lives of the poor in Honduras by building sustainable community health solutions. The Brigade sends teams of professionals to Honduras annually in order to provide services unavailable to the poor. The team provides training and support to two local hospitals. At hospitals we perform urological, gynecological, ophthalmological and general surgery. In the field our teams provide vision screenings and provision of eyeglasses, rehabilitation services, public health education, and more.

From community development and health education in rural areas to clinical training and capacity building in urban areas, the VHC Medical Brigade has a long history of partnerships and service in Comayagua and adjacent areas of Honduras.

This ripple effect leads to physical, social and economic health that means people can thrive where they are in the communities that they know and love.

Why they are Awesome

  • Since 1999, VHS Medical Brigade has provided clean drinking water to 7,000 people.

  • Since 1999, VHS Medical Brigade has distributed 30,000 pairs of eyeglasses

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