What is Neighbor Ride?

Neighbor Ride enhances the health and quality of life for Howard County’s seniors by providing the comfort and peace of mind of affordable, passenger-focused transportation services through a reliable, volunteer-based system.

At Neighbor Ride, we believe that:

– Every senior should enjoy the full benefits of being connected to people, services and activities that add meaning and value to their lives.
Volunteers deserve rewarding work that fits into their lives and contributes to our community.

– Our community benefits when individuals of all ages can play active and productive roles.

Why they are Awesome

  • Neighbor Ride has been awarded over 17 awards which recognized Neighbor Ride and its volunteers as the “best of the best” in terms of the enormous difference they are making in the lives of seniors in our community. Neighbor Ride is also proud to be a respected source of guidance and support for the launching of new volunteer-based transportation programs established to meet the needs of seniors in other communities in Maryland and around the country.

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