What is TexProtects?

TexProtects, officially known as The Texas Association for the Protection of Children, is a pivotal nonprofit organization with a sole focus on preventing child abuse and neglect in Texas. Established in 2004, it stands out as the only nonpartisan group in the state dedicated entirely to this cause. Through its rigorous advocacy for smart policy and data-driven programs, TexProtects tackles root issues head-on, aiming to safeguard children and support families post-crisis. Its mission is to ensure every child in Texas can grow up in a safe, nurturing environment, free from the trauma of abuse and neglect. The organization achieves this through a blend of advocacy, research, partnerships, and public awareness efforts, constantly striving to make Texas a better place for its youngest residents​​​​.

Moreover, TexProtects serves as the state’s chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America, indicating its significant role at both the state and national levels in the fight against child maltreatment. The organization’s strategies include advocating for increased investments in abuse prevention programs that keep families together and enhance the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of child protection systems. It also focuses on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) prevention and works with various evidence-based home visiting models to strengthen families. TexProtects’ efforts underscore the importance of community and legislative support in creating lasting change for the welfare of children across Texas

Why they are Awesome

  • Unwavering Commitment to Child Welfare: TexProtects excels as Texas’ sole nonpartisan entity focused on ending child abuse and neglect, combining advocacy, research, and strategic partnerships to safeguard children and support affected families, thereby playing a crucial role both statewide and as part of Prevent Child Abuse America

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