What is The Baseball Island Foundation?

The Baseball Island Foundation is a distinctive nonprofit organization aimed at nurturing young baseball talents in the Dominican Republic, with a unique focus on balancing sports training with academic education. Founded by Jay Quinn, who brings extensive experience from coaching in 15 countries and working with MLB International, the foundation offers a pro-level player development program that is free for participants. Unlike traditional systems that often neglect education, this foundation ensures that pursuing baseball dreams does not compromise educational attainment. It collaborates with local businesses and international experts to create a comprehensive support system for young athletes, including English classes, professional certification courses, and healthcare, provided through partnerships with entities like the Dream Big Foundation and United Doctors.

In its impact, the foundation has notably secured 8 USA college scholarships and 1 MLB contract for its participants within just its first year, highlighting the effectiveness of its approach. Besides sports training, it emphasizes academic success, offering English lessons and professional development courses to ensure athletes are well-prepared for futures both within and beyond sports. The initiative also addresses basic needs by providing meals, clean drinking water, and sports equipment, significantly benefiting the local community. This holistic approach is designed not just to foster athletic talent but to ensure participants have broad opportunities for success, fundamentally changing the trajectory for many young lives in the Dominican Republic

Why they are Awesome

  • The Baseball Island Foundation uniquely combines a free pro-level player development program with a strong emphasis on education, ensuring young Dominican athletes pursue their MLB dreams without compromising their academic future, all while distancing itself from the exploitative "buscone" system

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