What is Just Vision?

Just Vision fills a media gap on Israel-Palestine through independent storytelling and strategic audience engagement.

We are a team of filmmakers, journalists, storytellers and human rights advocates who envision a pluralistic, just and rights-respecting future in the region. We place documentary filmmaking and journalism, coupled with strategic audience engagement, at the center of our mission because we believe that stories have the power to shape public norms, equip audiences with vital information, undermine stereotypes and inspire.

Just Vision has a reputation for leadership, credibility and excellence. Based in Israel-Palestine and the US, our team reaches tens of thousands of people in direct engagements and screenings, moving fluidly from refugee camps and villages, to high-level talks with the world’s top decision-makers. Founded in 2003, Just Vision is nonpartisan and religiously unaffiliated.

Why they are Awesome

  • Just Vision has touched millions through television broadcasts and international press coverage.

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