What is Dayna’s Footprints?

Dayna’s Footprints is a non-profit organization aimed at buying name brand shoes for underprivileged students. We created this foundation to honor Dayna Sayed, who worked all summer to buy us, her younger brothers, our first pairs of expensive shoes shortly before her death. The organization’s mission is to combat learning inequity by providing students shoes to wear proudly, subsequently increasing students’ self-esteem and enthusiasm for attending school.

Dayna’s inaugural year raised enough money to buy 53 students their desired pair of name brand shoes from Foot Locker. At the event, we collectively shared in the laughter, excitement, and tears as we shopped and shared Dayna’s selfless story. Though the shoes will eventually wear out, Dayna’s impact on children will grow. Dayna left big shoes to fill; we intend on carrying on her legacy by filling them.

Why they are Awesome

  • Dayna’s Footprint began by starting "The Million Pound Challenge". Over the month of November, participants attempt to lift over a million pounds of total weight volume. By sharing their progress on our leaderboard and by social media, we generate enthusiasm and donations.

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