What is Humble Design?

Humble Design partners with local area homeless and abuse shelters to identify families that are emerging from shelters and into low-income housing. Many of these families are victims of abuse and have left behind all personal items upon escaping and entering an emergency shelter. Most have no beds, books, toys or furniture to call their own.

Once a partnering agency makes a referral, Humble Design designers meet with the families to do a needs assessment and develop a client wish list. From there, Humble Design designers move swiftly to: place the furnishings, toys, accessories and housewares; do any minor cleaning; and, officially move the families into their new housing.

The end result is something like an extreme makeover on-a-dime.

Humble Design currently has the capacity to assist up to 3 families per week, and all referrals must come through a partnering organization.

Why they are Awesome

  • Humble Design has served over 1,000 families nationally.

  • 99% of Humble Design families don’t return to homelessness

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