What is Waves For Water?

Waves For Water implements programs that provide access to clean water for those in need throughout the world.

Access to clean water improves personal and civic well-being, increases overall health, reduces poverty and increases opportunities for education and employment, contributing to the overall advancement of individuals and their communities. Waves for Water work on the front lines to provide access to clean water through the distribution of portable water filters, the digging and renovating of wells, and the construction of rainwater harvesting and storing systems in places where groundwater is not accessible.

Why they are Awesome

  • Waves For Water programing has touched over 7 million people in more than 27 countries, including Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Brazil, Liberia, Mexico, India, and Colombia.

  • In addition to our primary focus around clean water, we coordinate and execute natural disaster relief efforts around the world. Over the past four years, we’ve responded to almost every major global disaster, earthquake or tsunami: in Nepal, Bosnia, Philippines, Indonesia, Haiti, Japan, and Chile; in Pakistan, India and Mexico and on the east coast of the US.

How To Connect Kindness


Be apart of the Connect Kindness movement. Bring attention to Waves For Water by sharing this page on your social media.


Donate money directly to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Be a part of saving endangered species and restoring precious ecosystems.


Make a difference by joining in on distributing the filters across the world for clean water, or create a fundraiser for a project you want to bring awareness to or even buy parts of the filter for a project.