What is Young Life?

Young Life is a Christian youth organization that operates globally. The nonprofit aims to introduce teenagers to Jesus Christ and help them grow in their faith. To achieve this goal, Young Life staff and volunteers build relationships with young people and provide opportunities for them to participate in fun, adventure-filled activities, retreats, and camps. The organization also has a focus on supporting young people as they navigate the challenges of adolescence and make important life decisions. Young Life operates in over 100 countries and has a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, serving young people from all backgrounds and abilities.

Why they are Awesome

  • Young Life places a strong emphasis on building meaningful relationships with young people. Staff and volunteers strive to be positive role models and to earn the trust and respect of the young people they serve.

  • Young Life operates in over 100 countries, making it a truly global organization. This allows young people from diverse backgrounds to participate in and benefit from its programs.

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