What is Work Texas?

The purpose of WorkTexas is to prepare students with the skills and virtues they need to enter the workforce ready to contribute immediately to employers’ businesses, as well as to advance in that field or another field of their choice.

Or, more simply, the mission of WorkTexas is to help more people get jobs, keep jobs, and advance in their careers.

Our strategy of partnering with local businesses means the students who enroll at WorkTexas can achieve their high school diploma along with learning and practicing their virtues and trade skills to be successful in the job market.

Thus, the two measurable outcomes for each student are to 1) graduate from high school (if he/she hasn’t already) with an offer of employment from an employer for full-time work in the industry of choice, and 2) ensure each individual remains employed and is advancing in his/her field of choice beyond six months of program completion.

WorkTexas is a 501c3 non-profit entity that facilitates the partnerships between education and industry organizations.

Why they are Awesome

  • Students younger than 16 will have the opportunity to shadow various industry professions (to determine their interest), as well as focus on the academics needed to graduate from high school.

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