What is NECHAMA Jewish Response to Disaster

NECHAMA is the Jewish disaster relief organization in the United States. Our work throughout the country is based on seven core Jewish values.
1. Mipnei Darchei Shalom – Building Relationships – מפני דרכי שלום
2. Gemilut Chasadim – Acts of Lovingkindness – גמילות חסדים
3. Tzedekah – Charity/Justice – צדקה
4. Ahavat Orchim – Love The Stranger – אהבת אורחים
5. Lo Ta’Amod – Don’t Stand Idly By – לא תעמוד
6. Rachamim – Compassion – רחמים
7. Tikkun Olam – Repairing The World – תיקון עולם

Why they are Awesome

  • Since 2016, NECHAMA has completed 34 disaster relief projects across the United States.

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