What is Mercy Corps?

Our mission is to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

We believe:

-In the value of every human life and that, as members of a global community, we have a responsibility to support one another.
In the right of all people to meet their basic needs, feel hope for their future and have opportunities to thrive.
-That every man, woman and child deserves to live in a secure, peaceful community and to be empowered to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

We create breakthrough solutions by connecting people to the resources to strengthen their community from within.

-Last year, we helped nearly 28 million people in over 40 countries survive through crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.
-Each year we infuse millions of dollars into local economies through small business loans and grants to provide livelihoods for the world’s most vulnerable people.
-We are empowering more than 100,000 youth trapped by violent conflict to overcome the profound stress of war and become changemakers in their communities.

Why they are Awesome

  • Since 1979, we have provided $4 billion in lifesaving assistance throughout the world.

  • Mercy Corps has responded to nearly every global emergency over the past 20 years.

How To Connect Kindness


Be apart of the Connect Kindness movement. Bring attention to Mercy Corps by sharing this page on your social media.


Donate money directly to Mercy Corps to help people all over the world survive crisis, build better lives and transform their communities for good.


Make a difference by starting your own fundraiser or volunteer through the Mercy Corps.