What is Kids Saving the Rainforest?

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) is a nonprofit corporation registered under Section 501(c) 3US Federal Tax ID #06-1594980, based in Quepos, Costa Rica. Our mission is to protect the diverse wildlife of flora and fauna in Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast with our conservation projects which include KSTR’s wildlife rescue center where we rescue, rehabilitate and release injured, sick and orphaned animals back to the wild. Animals that can never be released because they were either raised in captivity as illegal pets and became reliant on humans for food or permanently injured or disabled are cared for in KSTR’s wildlife sanctuary. KSTR also works to minimize the causes of why animals need to be rescued with their education program, reforestation project and wildlife bridges project. We implement these projects to protect the wildlife in the community by mitigating the major threats to wildlife in the region.

Why they are Awesome

  • Founded by two 9 year old girls in 1999 for the purpose of educating people around the world about the ecological importance of the rainforest, to set-up programs to preserve and protect the rainforest and its wildlife.

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