What is Clayworks?

Clayworks is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of ceramic arts, advancement of artists and students, and enrichment of the communities it serves.

Clayworks is a leader in the field of ceramic arts, providing its students and artists unparalleled access to top-quality facilities, equipment, and instruction. It provides robust arts education programming, centered on hands-on experiences with clay, to diverse populations across Mecklenburg County with many programs at low cost, or no cost, to the participant. Clayworks enriches its community by helping individuals reach their potential for creativity and personal growth and connecting people from a variety of backgrounds through shared values.

Why they are Awesome

  • Clayworks currently uses the Mudmobiles to provide ongoing, grant funded programs with our partner organizations such as the YWCA after school residencies, the ASC’s Culture Blocks Programs, the ASC’s School Funding Opportunities and Time Out Youth. With the Mobile Studio Clayworks teaching artists bring all the supplies needed to create amazing projects onsite, and bring it all back to Clayworks to be fired and glazed before being returned to the partner location.

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