What is Yes To Youth?

Yes to Youth seeks to empower youth and their families by building on their existing strengths, expanding their opportunities, and enhancing their lives.

For over 39 years YES to YOUTH – Montgomery County Youth Services has provided:
• Individual, Group and Mental Health Family Counseling
• Presentations and counseling in schools for crisis situations
• BridgeWay Emergency Youth Shelter (ages 10-17)
• Street Outreach for homeless teens
• Healthy Supports program for pregnant and parenting teens

Why they are Awesome

  • Yes to Youth offers a 7 week workshop in which counselors teach lessons on Active Parenting of Teens.

How To Connect Kindness


Be apart of the Connect Kindness movement. Bring attention to Yes To Youth by sharing this page on your social media.


Donate money directly to Yes To Youth.


Make a difference by referring a child/family member that may need Yes to Youth services or volunteer with them.