What is Warrior Beat?

Warrior Beat is a veteran owned 501c3 charity that focuses on drumming as a means to treat the symptoms of PTS and Anxiety. We got started on our mission in 2015 and we’ve been moving full speed ahead ever since. Today Warrior Beat operates its own Wellness Center in downtown Canton, Ohio as well as several other drum circles in the north east Ohio area. In addition to hosting in-house services, the Warriors Beat Wellness Center also serves as the digital hub for our streaming service which allows us to share the benefits of drumming to any veteran anywhere in the world.

Why they are Awesome

  • Whether it’s because of location, medical condition, or any other reason, Warrior Beat streams group drumming sessions live on Twitch.tv so you can join in and play along with fellow veterans.

How To Connect Kindness


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Make a difference by emailing Warrior Beat about someone who needs their assistance or asking how you can help.

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