What is Wander Abroad?

Wander Abroad is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making international education more accessible to underrepresented students. They address the problem of students lacking the affordability or time to study abroad by offering short-term study abroad programs. These programs aim to push students out of their comfort zones by immersing them in different cultures, languages, environments, and educational systems. The organization believes that studying abroad is an effective way for students to develop valuable skills, appreciate diversity, dismiss stereotypes, and equip themselves to address global issues.

The mission of Wander Abroad is to close the gap for college students who traditionally cannot study abroad, with the hope that these students will use their international experiences to enhance their communities. Their goal is to send 150 students abroad by 2030.

Wander Abroad has made a significant impact, with 19 students having gone through their program, 8 receiving their first passports, 6 experiencing their first time abroad, 2 taking their first flight ever, and many more personal achievements.

The program details include a variety of activities like learning to cook authentic Costa Rican dishes, participating in Spanish language classes, and engaging in cultural immersion through homestays. The program targets students who have never traveled abroad due to financial constraints, those who want to experience a shorter program before committing to a full semester abroad, and those seeking international exposure with an educational component.

Overall, Wander Abroad provides underprivileged college students with their first passport, international flight, and international educational experience, thereby offering global exposure and opportunities for personal and professional growth

Why they are Awesome

  • Holistic Support for Underrepresented Students: Wander Abroad uniquely provides underprivileged college students with comprehensive support that includes their first passport, an international flight, and an immersive educational experience abroad, specifically focusing on students who have never had the opportunity to travel due to financial constraints

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