What is the Victory Project?

The Victory Project is a privately funded 501(c)(3) after-school program mentoring disengaged young men in our Dayton, OH. Being open year round, six days a week, builds relationships, earning us the right to be heard. Sharing dinner together every weeknight feeds us physically, tutoring and working at our micro-enterprise feeds us emotionally and our Bible studies feed us spiritually.

An uncommon alliance has formed between the business, criminal justice and faith communities to allow our young men to break the cycle of hopelessness, insignificance and isolation by addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.The Victory Project breaks down the walls of captivity. By undoing the youths’ isolated experiences, we expose them to the potential of a positive socio-economic standing through our 3E’s Curriculum: Education, Entrepreneurship, and Enlightenment.

Why they are Awesome

  • Victory Project’s students alongside business mentors manage their own micro-enterprises, Victory Landscape Management, LLC, and Victory Improvement Projects, which provides real-world business experiences, exposure to individual financial responsibility and teaches the value of hard work while launching the students own employment history. An option that is not readily accessible or modeled in under-resourced communities.

  • Victory Project provides weekly, individualized homework assistance and tutoring. We attend parent/teachers conferences advocating between youth, parents, and school. Our goal is for each student to graduate high school, pursue higher education in college, trades or military service.

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