What is USAFacts?

USAFacts is a non-profit organization founded by former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in 2018. The organization’s primary mission is to provide accessible, comprehensive, and non-partisan data and information about the United States government and its activities. USAFacts collects and analyzes data from various government sources to create a comprehensive portrait of government spending, revenue, and outcomes in a user-friendly format.

Their goal is to empower the public, policymakers, and researchers to make more informed decisions by offering a transparent view of government performance and its impact on society. USAFacts offers a user-friendly online platform that presents data and statistics in a clear and accessible manner, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of government operations and public finance in the United States.

Why they are Awesome

  • USAFacts emphasis on making government data readily available and easy to understand helps foster transparency and accountability in government, making it a valuable resource for researchers, policymakers, and the general public.

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