What is USA for UNHCR?

USA for UNHCR protects refugees and empowers them with hope and opportunity.
Responding to emergencies and providing long-term solutions for refugees.

War, violence and persecution have forced millions of families from their homes. They urgently need shelter, protection and safety.

You can help rush critical supplies like medicine, clean water, food and tents to desperate children and families. You can provide refugees with emergency support, long-term care and hope for the future. Your tax-deductible monthly gifts to USA for UNHCR will save lives around the world — wherever refugees are in need of help.

Why they are Awesome

  • 102,000+ Refugees resettled worldwide in 2017.

  • 1,500+ Tons of emergency aid airlifted to help Rohingya refugees.

How To Connect Kindness


Be apart of the Connect Kindness movement. Bring attention to USA for UNHCR by sharing this page on your social media.


Donate money directly to USA for UNHCR to help refugees around the world.


Make a difference fundraising USA for UNHCR.