What is Unite to Light?

Over a billion people live without electricity. Access to clean, affordable light and energy is critical to improving health, education and prosperity. Unite to Light is dedicated to providing low-cost solar light and power to those without electricity across the globe.

Our products are the lights people need to live and thrive. We focus on projects that help students study at night, equip midwives with the tools they need to save lives, offer help and hope to those suffering from natural disasters, and provide light and power to our neighbors experiencing homelessness so they are able to connect to vital services and information.

Unite to Light operates primarily through the generosity of others. The majority of our lights have been distributed through the efforts of our nonprofit partners. These partners purchase lights from us, at cost, and then donate them to people in need. Unite to Light also has projects for which we raise funds focused on the areas of education, midwives, disaster response and homelessness. For these projects we seek donations, grants and corporate partnerships.

Why they are Awesome

  • BUY ONE | GIVE ONE. When you shop with Unite to Light, you‘re not only getting stellar solar products, you’re helping people around the world who live without electricity. For every light or charger you buy, we donate one to someone in need.

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