What is TWST4Girls ?

Established May 24, 2014, TWST4Girls mission is to help girls (ages 11-17) discover and achieve their goals. We do so through 1:1 mentorship, life skills development, career exposure and cultural experiences at no cost to the families that we serve!

For many children, there is untapped potential for success due to the lack of positive guidance, exposure and resources. One core objective of TWST4Girls is to ensure that no child grows into adulthood without the keys to success.

TWST’s purpose is to ensure that as youth apply the knowledge and skills acquired in our programs, they will make positive impacts on their family, our communities and ultimately the world in which we live!

Why they are Awesome

  • To date 100% of their students have graduated from high school and entered into the college of their choice.

  • Through TWST’s many outreach programs and services, they have served over 1.2 thousand children.

How To Connect Kindness


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Make a difference by becoming a mentor or applying for your child to be mentored.