What is The Women’s Fund?

Because health is a resource for everyday life and not just the objective of living, the mission of The Women’s Fund is to provide Houston area women, and girls, with the tools they need to be advocates for their health. Our health education classes are unique because they include preventative curriculum-based classes that teach resiliency skills and relate those skills to current health risks.

Resiliency is a key strategy to empowering individuals and communities to either increase or decrease long-term health outcomes; therefore, we teach resiliency skills to increase self – efficacy, decision-making, goal setting and communication and resourcefulness to ensure positive health outcomes for individuals and communities. Resiliency and health promotion enable individuals to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Individuals use their communities to draw on existing human and material resources to enhance resiliency, self-help and social support, and to participate in health matters so we invest in community partnerships to implement our programs as required for us to accomplish our mission.

Why they are Awesome

  • In 2020 they have served over 1442 women & children.

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