What is The Uniform Project?

The Uniform Project keeps good clothing out of the landfill, recycles clothing to children who need them, and in so doing enables children to attend school. We have clothed entire schools! We also collect soccer shorts/jerseys and cleats.

The Uniform Project was started in 2010 when Founder Beth Kempe started collecting uniform clothing, from Atlanta area private schools, that would have been discarded. These clothes were not perfect, yet had a lot of wear left in them. Beth thought someone somewhere could use them, and contacted area church mission groups. Soon these groups were taking the clothes with them on their mission trips to schools and orphanages. A lot of these children had not been able to attend school without a uniform.

Why they are Awesome

  • The Uniform Project has helped children in schools and orphanages in these countries: Guatemala, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, India, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Liberia, Tunisia, El Salvador, Haiti, Cameroon, Tanzania, Mexico, Ghana, and Zambia.

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