What is Tender Little Hearts?

This corporation was organized exclusively as an equine therapy outreach to children and adults. We aspire to create an environment where every horse is given a purpose to enrich a human life, bring joy and comfort, and leave every person with a reason to smile.

The mission of Tender Little Hearts Mini Tales is to provide the promotion of literacy services and reading encouragement for children. Through Tender Little Hearts Assisted Equine Therapeutic Services, we strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact in the lives of others, by inspiring hope and transformation through interaction with our equines. These services include the use of a qualified miniature therapy horse or donkey.
At Tender Little Hearts Mini Tales and Equine Assisted Therapeutic Services, we are driven by a single goal — to do our part in making the world a better place.

Mini Tales
Tender Little Hearts Mini Tales strives to bring reading opportunities and emotional therapy visits to those who would benefit from the interaction with a therapy animal. By using our miniature therapy horses and donkey to encourage readers, we provide a safe, empowering environment to spur on literacy growth. Together, we can inspire readers to develop new confidence in reading, giving them the opportunity to unfold their imagination, gain new knowledge and stretch their confidence in what they can accomplish.

Assisted Equine Therapeutic Services
Tender Little Hearts Assisted Equine Therapeutic Services, as therapy animals, they touch the lives of those most in need. They provide therapeutic comfort, a source of emotional confidence and confidentiality in their interactions. The simple act of petting animals releases an automatic relaxation response, lowers anxiety, reduces loneliness, increases mental stimulation, provides a happy distraction, even acting as a catalyst to reduce resistance in the therapy process.

Why they are Awesome

  • Mini Tales program offers Virtual Read To A Mini option for a 10 minute virtual reading experience featuring our Tender Little Hearts equine friends. They can arrange a ZOOM experience if your child would prefer a one on one session.

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