What is Ryan’s Well Foundation?

Ryan’s Well Foundation is a Canadian charitable organization providing effective and sustainable solutions to the water crisis in the poorest regions of the world’s developing countries.

The Foundation grew from the passion and courage of one 6-year-old boy, Ryan Hreljac. Ryan was inspired to take action as a grade one student when he learned of the devastating consequences for people without access to safe drinking water. He was remarkably determined as he succeeded in rallying his community to help him raise the funds needed to build one well in Uganda, Africa. One well that has changed everything. Now more than 20 years later, Ryan’s Well Foundation is a family of people committed to providing access to safe water and sanitation as an essential way to improve lives in the developing world. We also educate people about the importance of accessing safe water and sanitation services, and look to motivate citizens of all ages to take action and effect positive change in the world

Why they are Awesome

  • Ryan’s Well Foundation have completed 1,429 Water Projects.

  • Current projects are all located in communities of West Africa (Burkina Faso and Ghana), East Africa (Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya), and Central America (Mexico).

How To Connect Kindness


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Donate money directly to Ryan’s Well Foundation. Be a part of creating sustainable solutions to the water crisis in developing countries.


Make a difference by starting your own fundraiser for the Ryan’s Well Foundation.