What is Rifugio Isola del Sole?

Our mission is to address the overpopulation of stray dogs through a campaign of free sterilizations and to help abandoned or distressed animals.

Realizing The Goal
In Sicily, despite its natural beauty exists one of the largest stray animal populations in Europe.

We want to create an environment where animals welfare is paramount. To financially support this project we are working to provide educational farm activities for children, a petting zoo and horse therapy. We will also organize training courses where all ages can rediscover the trades of the past and pass them on as assets to future generations. You can also contact us for walks or excursions on horseback or to stay in our farmhouse, surrounded by the most unspoiled nature.

Why they are Awesome

  • Not only is the organization an animal sanctuary, but their ultimate goal is to promote and help develop cultural elements: Sicilian agriculture, agritourism, education, protection and care of farm animals, development of recreational activities and the production of renewable energy.

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