What is Jump for Valor?

Jump for Valor is a charitable organization that strives to offer military veterans, including combat, retired and disabled veterans, access to a community that brings them joy, a sense of freedom, and something they can participate in and enjoy with friends and family.

Skydiving provides a unique environment with many therapeutic and positive effects. The sense of accomplishment after a tandem skydive or Advance Free Fall (AFF) certification is immeasurable. Also, completing a tandem skydive or Advance Free Fall (AFF) certification can help a disabled veteran feel more in control and a sense of achievement. Facing your fears, fine-tuning your situational awareness, creating confidence and improving communication are just a few of the mental and cognitive benefits of skydiving. If I can jump out of an airplane, what else is possible?

Last but certainly not least, we provide veterans with a support system. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a major cause of suicide for veterans, with up to 22 veterans affected each day. Veterans can feel isolated and have trouble communicating their feelings, re-engaging with their community or feel a sense of purpose after their military careers.

Through our program, qualified veterans can meet people with similar backgrounds and problems and work through them together. We also strive to get loved ones involved, as tandem skydivers, ground photographers, jump observers, or whatever role they want to play.

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