What is Irise Wellness?

LaTecia Yarbrough is the founder of iRise Wellness, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting holistic wellness for people of color through community engagement. The organization was born out of LaTecia’s personal struggles with wellness and mental health, which led her to contemplate taking her own life during the pandemic as she grappled with processing her emotions. Sharing her experiences with others in the community revealed that many people of color face similar challenges in their own wellness journeys.

Recognizing the misconception that people of color are often perceived as resilient and able to endure injustice without needing support, LaTecia established iRise Wellness to change this narrative and emphasize the importance of holistic wellness within the community.

The ultimate goal of iRise Wellness is to create a safe and supportive space where people of color feel heard, valued, and supported throughout their wellness journeys. The organization believes that every individual’s story matters, including those of their friends, family, and the wider community. The mission of iRise Wellness is to empower people of color to be their authentic selves and to choose their own paths towards improved health and well-being. As a brand, iRise Wellness values and uplifts people of color, ensuring they understand their significance and providing a community of support for their well-being.

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