What is Hope Mountain Foundation?

The mission of Hope Mountain Center is to transform the lives of children who are victim-survivors of online sexual exploitation (OSEC); empowering every child to move from helpless victim to thriving survivor.

Comprehensive Care:
Children live in a home-style setting with carefully selected and trained house parents. All staff at Hope Mountain Center receive training in Trauma Informed Care. Each child is immersed in a family environment filled with unconditional love, care, and compassion.

In addition to basic necessities such as food and shelter, the children receive: counseling, medical care, social services, education, life skills training, and Biblical discipleship. Opportunities for a college education or vocational training are also provided.

Hope Mountain Foundation collaborates strategically with official agencies and accredited NGOs to cooperatively accomplish complimentary purposes, bringing together the strengths of each organization to more effectively provide aftercare services to individuals rescued from human trafficking.

Guiding Principles
Hope Mountain Center is a refuge of healing and restoration where mercy is shown to those in need, grace is extended to all, and hope is offered to anyone ready to accept it.

Mercy: Show Mercy by serving those in need. If someone is sick, provide medical care; if someone is hungry, feed them; if someone is without shelter, provide a safe place for them to live; if someone is in despair, comfort them; if someone is lonely, become their friend.

Grace: Extend Grace by showing God’s love to everyone, especially those that may be difficult to love. Practice hospitality. Lovingly share the good news about God’s grace provided through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ.

Hope: Offer Hope to those being served. Teach God’s Word; make Scripture a part of their daily lives. Provide opportunities for everyone to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Disciple them to disciple others.

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