What is H Town Dream Center?

Our Care+Share Food Pantry and Distribution Center helps fight poverty by removing the barriers to accessing healthy food and essential goods at no cost. We know that to meet the spiritual needs of those in need, we must first meet their most basic needs.

On the First and Third Fridays of each month, between 9-11 am, the Food Pantry provides groceries to children, the elderly and under-resourced families. It operates on a first-come, first-served basis with no pre-registration required. Over 62,500 pounds of food is distributed each month, providing an estimated 80,000 meals. As a result of these efforts, we get to pray for thousands of people, and lives are changed.

Through our House of Hope program, we provide safe housing for up to 50 women and children year-round, where they can discover God’s purpose for their lives and begin to dream again. Every woman cared for at H-town Dream Center is asked to commit to a nine-month, faith-based discipleship program where they learn the Bible and receive the love, hope and grace God has for them. All amenities such as room and board, food, transportation needs and more are provided at no cost to the residents.

We believe we are responsible for instilling hope, wisdom, values and worth in the next generation to help them achieve their potential. Our trained Dream Team mentors serve as positive role models for teens helping teach essential life lessons. These relationships help foster increased academic achievement, improved behavior, boosted self-esteem and enhanced social skills

Why they are Awesome

  • 833,334 + Pounds of Food Provided At No Cost To Individuals And Families In Need In 2022

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