What is Food 4 Farmers?

Food 4 Farmers is a non-profit organization that works with coffee-farming communities to address issues of food insecurity, poverty, and climate change. The organization was founded in 2011 by Marcela Pino, a social entrepreneur and former coffee trader, who saw firsthand the struggles faced by coffee farmers and their families.

Food 4 Farmers works to create sustainable food systems in coffee-growing communities by providing training, resources, and support for small-scale farmers to grow their own food and diversify their income. The organization also works to promote gender equity and empower women farmers, who often face significant barriers to land ownership and resources.

Some of the programs and initiatives offered by Food 4 Farmers include the development of community gardens, farmer-to-farmer training programs, and partnerships with local organizations and businesses to support sustainable food systems. The organization also focuses on building resilience in the face of climate change, which can have significant impacts on coffee production and food security in farming communities.

Overall, Food 4 Farmers aims to create more equitable, sustainable, and resilient food systems in coffee-growing communities, while also promoting economic development and improving the lives of farmers and their families.

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