What is DIGDEEP?

DIGDEEP is a human rights nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that every American has clean, running water forever. DIGDEEP is working to make clean water more available and more sustainable in every community. The organization works with communities through education and advocacy programs as well as water access projects. In areas without clean, running water or basic plumbing, DIGDEEP empowers American communities to build and manage low-cost systems that bring safe water into homes, schools, and community centers. Our water projects are community-based and community led, and designed to measurably improve human rights standards like health, gender equity, and economic development. Beyond that, DIGDEEP designs experiences that help Americans form a deep and lasting connection to the water by investing in curricula, brand partnerships, events, and digital assets to help people better understand and care for our water resources.

Why they are Awesome

  • 100% of donations fund water projects in the US.

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