What is Deaf Planet Soul?

Deaf Planet Soul serves and empowers the Deaf and Hard of Hearing through programming in childhood literacy, women’s self defense, job training, business development, social events and more.

Our long-term goal is to develop an all-inclusive community center in Chicago. This center will provide 60 jobs for the Deaf and will allow members of the community to grow in leadership and expertise. We envision a space run by directors and supervisors who are all Deaf, fluent users of American Sign Language. A place where we can nurture the growth of Deaf entrepreneurship, expanding the Deaf ecosystem while giving folks the opportunity to create their own businesses, art, music and more.

Why they are Awesome

  • Deaf Planet Soul is distributing handmade cloth face masks to Deaf Chicagoans and vulnerable populations. In addition to the free mask program, we are now making and selling masks to the general public. All masks are sewn by volunteers, with 100% of proceeds supporting the free mask program and other community projects.

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