What is ConPRmetidos?

ConPRmetidos’ started as a response to the massive exodus of people leaving Puerto Rico due to the economic recession. Initially focused on connecting Island residents with Puerto Ricans in the diaspora, the organization created a bridge between professionals overseas and the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem on the ground. However, after hurricanes Irma and Maria struck PR in 2017, ConPRmetidos raised $4M and decided to temporarily shift their focus. In order to maximize their impact, they realized they needed to collaborate with community leaders to identify immediate local emergency needs. Based on their findings, they invested in projects that provided thousands of Puerto Ricans with emergency food, water, communications, power, shelter, and a helping hand.

Now, two years after the hurricanes, they are collaborating with local leaders to create development projects that are rethinking entire local industries like coffee, agriculture and fishing. Their new direction centers on diverse partnerships that create innovative social impact projects working towards the economic sustainability of the Island. ConPRmetidos’ ongoing mission focuses on building a stable, productive and self-sufficient Puerto Rico. Their goal is to create a global model of community-driven success where residents have access to growth opportunities and a good quality of life.

For ConPRmetidos, true sustainable recovery for Puerto Rico — that creates permanent change and helps the Island thrive — takes a strong sense of commitment to our communities and our people.

Why they are Awesome

  • Within 2 years, ConPRmetidos has been able to invest $2,369,118 to break down old barriers and create a new narrative for the beloved island.

  • To help address the clean water access issue, ConPRmetidos purchased and imported an OffGridBox, a patented water filtration and rainwater harvesting system that can filter, sterilize and pressurize 1,580 gallons of water per day, while also producing up to 16kWh of power per day, enough to help meet the water and critical energy needs of up to 1,500 people.

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