What is CODEFF?

CODEFF has an extensive corporate base that gives it a pluralistic and democratic seal, since the partners have the right to vote to elect the members of the board of directors, who are in charge of the guidelines and orientations of institutional policies.

Its foundation dates back to October 23, 1968 , when the lawyer and son of German immigrants, Godofredo Stutzin , together with a group of scientists, researchers and other professionals raised the first voice of alarm in the country about environmental demands and problems.

Also part of the founding group are prominent professionals, academics and researchers who have made great contributions to the knowledge and appreciation of our natural heritage: Alfredo Johnson, Luis Peña, Jürgen Rottman, Francisco Fuchslocher, Jack Goodall, Guillermo Egli, Guillermo Mann, Víctor Solar, Hernán Contreras Manfredi, Rafael Elizalde Mc Clure, Jorge Nawrath, Klaus Busse, Daniel Torres, Juan Grau, Roberto Schlater, Luis Capurro, Pablo Weisser, Héctor Cathalifaud and Carlos Muñoz.

More than 48 years have passed since that milestone and today CODEFF has an extensive history aimed at safeguarding Chile’s environmental heritage through environmental education , citizen participation , research and the management of protected areas .

Why they are Awesome

  • 2008 The Public Ministry forced the company to allocate 300 million pesos to the construction of a center for the treatment, rehabilitation and release of marine birds on the Tumbes peninsula. Those in charge of carrying out this task will be CODEFF and Universidad San Sebastián.

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