What is Casa Hogar Cabo?

At Casa Hogar we strive to Educate and Elevate: Educate in academics, life skills, moral values, religious value and social values. Elevate to levels beyond the norm within our society. Casa Hogar provides a home and care for vulnerable children between 4 to 18 years old and give them love, affection, values, support and the opportunity to have professional studies to become young adults of good for the society.

Why they are Awesome

  • Blue Miracle is an exciting, family-friendly movie loosely based on a Casa Hogar story from 2014. While there is no financial benefit to Casa Hogar for this movie, we are hopeful that Blue Miracle will raise awareness and sensitivity for private Social Assistance Centers in Mexico, most of which, like ours, operate as charities without government funding.

How To Connect Kindness


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