What is Brooklyn Book Bodega?

The mission of Brooklyn Book Bodega is to increase the number of 100+ book homes for kids 0-18 in NYC. Brooklyn Book Bodega provides access to and ownership of books, builds community, and creates a passion for learning through free events and literacy-based community programming. Brooklyn Book Bodega increases the number of 100+ book homes in Brooklyn. Research shows that households with 100+ books boost life outcomes for children and adolescents.

Despite the resources and wealth in Brooklyn—parts of our own community are classified as book deserts, areas with very few books available for sale or lending. Often, for children living in poverty, the only place where they have access to high-interest and knowledge-building books is at school or at the library. In 2018, new hardcover children’s books averaged $18.68. For many New Yorkers, a new book is an unaffordable luxury. We level the playing field so that all children can be book owners regardless of their families’ economic circumstances.

As the pandemic wears on and children adjust to the new normal of remote learning, time away from friends and loved ones, general disruption to their routine, and potential loss and hardship, it is crucial for children to have access to a wide-range of books. While the pandemic impacts all of us, it does not impact all of us equally. In addition to having enough to feed their bellies, all children deserve to have access to books. Books feed their minds, provide additional learning support, while providing joy and inspiration. Brooklyn Book Bodega partners with community organizations to ensure that kids and families receive books in addition to food and hygiene items.

Why they are Awesome

  • Since 2018, Brooklyn Book Bodega has distributed 59,498 books to 11,957 individuals.

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