What is beGirl.world?

beGirl.world, established in 2014 in Philadelphia, aims to empower teenage Black girls through global education and travel, challenging them to think beyond their local confines and aspire to global opportunities. The nonprofit offers programs like the beGirl.world Global Ambassador Program (bGAP) and the Study Abroad Scholarship Program, focusing on developing leadership, self-actualization, and cultural exploration among participants who travel to cities such as Washington D.C., New York, London, Paris, and Madrid.

Addressing the significant underrepresentation of Black girls in study abroad programs, beGirl.world provides scholarships to alleviate financial barriers to global travel and education. In 2019 alone, the organization awarded $4,000 to support young Black women studying abroad in London and Ghana, actively working to diversify the narrative around global education and travel.

Why they are Awesome

  • beGirl.world specifically addresses the underrepresentation of Black girls in global education programs. The foundation not only recognizes the need for greater diversity in these programs but actively works to address it by providing opportunities and resources to a demographic that is significantly underrepresented in study abroad experiences.

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