What is Barefoot?

The Barefoot Foundation is a U.S. non-profit, non-governmental organization created by internationally acclaimed recording artist and humanitarian Shakira. The organization is devoted to ensuring that every child can exercise his or her basic right to a quality education. We aim to improve the education and quality of life for the millions of boys and girls denied the chance to fulfill their potential.

Why they are Awesome

  • Currently, the Barefoot Foundation supports six schools run by Pies Descalzos Foundation, in the diverse Colombian regions of Barranquilla, Altos de Cazucá and Quibdó

  • For your $30 monthly gift, your child will receive an education, uniforms, books, nutritious food, recreational activities and homework support while also letting him or her know that they matter.

How To Connect Kindness


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Donate money directly to this organization.


Make a difference by volunteering or sponsoring a child.