What is Active Transportation Alliance?

Based in Chicago, the Active Transportation Alliance is a non-profit advocacy organization that works to improve conditions for bicycling, walking and transit and engage people in healthy and active ways to get around.

With support from our thousands of members, hundreds of volunteers and a wide spectrum of community partners, our dedicated team has been working for several decades to create more opportunities for people to travel safely, actively and enjoyably.

Our logo honors our past and points to our future: it is shaped like a bicycle frame head badge, and its three elements represent community, pathways and green space.

Why they are Awesome

  • Illinois legislators passed a bill mandating that the state cover 100 percent of the cost of walking and biking infrastructure on state roads, just like they do for cars and trucks. The bill became law in August. Active Trans championed the legislation along with Ride Illinois and the Metropolitan Planning Council, organizing advocates from across the state, testifying before House and Senate committees, and lobbying members directly.

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