What is Plastic Soup Foundation?

Stop the plastic soup tsunami as soon as possible! If we do not achieve this, we are leaving future generations with a terrible plastic plague. We are a ‘single issue’ environmental organization that is concerned with one thing: stopping plastic pollution at its source.

As part of this mission, we call out the industry and government where they fall short. We also put a special focus on the relationship between plastics and human health. Our recent work in this field includes campaigns on microplastics and the health effects of plastic waste, and especially our Plastic Health Summit. Finally, education underlies everything we do, as we believe that children are the future.

We, humans, are the source of plastic pollution; the plastic soup starts on our very own doorstep. But together we can do much more to stop plastic waste than we think!

Why they are Awesome

  • On our World Clean Up Day, almost 40,000 participants took part in more than 2,517 cleanup actions in the Netherlands.

  • 90.1% goes to our goal that we reach through various campaigns and projects. Our focus relies on four themes: Health, Microplastics, Litter, and Education.

How To Connect Kindness


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